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Why Did God Choose To Reveal Himself Through The Scriptures?

In our society today, when a person becomes a new follower of Jesus, there is clearly an inherent assumption on the new believer that the Bible is a critical part of their “spiritual walk” as they move forward.

There’s a big problem here.

There are very, very few churches that talk about and explain what our relationship to this ancient text is. In fact, I’ve never been involved in a church body that even discussed this idea.

Generally, the Bible is framed as God’s revelation to his people about his character and purposes.

Have you ever thought…

  • “Why would God chose to reveal his character and purposes through a literary work?”
  • “What would it be like if we didn’t have this ancient text?”
  • “What would our relationship and understanding of God be?”
  • “Why would God reveal his character and purposes through the medium of an epic narrative?”

The best answer I can come to is that God has a deep understanding of what type of communication actually reaches people. And that type of communication is Storytelling.

It’s not about how the story is physically packaged up (e.g. scroll, book, etc.)

It’s about Storytelling.

When we hear stories, we naturally place ourselves within the story. “Which character do I most resemble?”

This conclusion makes the most sense to me because the story being told in the Bible about humanity (and why things today are the way they are) aligns with what I experience daily in life. The Bible’s explanations for the human condition match with my experiences.

All of these things help form our world-view. Both our intellectual framework and our experiences.

For me, this just reminds me that God truly knows me better than I could ever know myself.

Even more, this reminds me to always be seeking…always be asking questions. As believers, we should be able to clearly articulate what our relationship to the scriptures are. Unfortunately, this is not the case for myself….and I’m assuming many other people.

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